Nigel Beighton

CIO, Atcore Technology Ltd

Nigel is a successful technology leader with extensive experience of driving the innovation agenda within fast-growing B2B businesses spanning media, technology and travel. His previous roles include (CTO), Capgemini (Head of Tecnology Consulting), Symantec (CTO), Rackspace and Addison Lee (CTO). He joined ATCORE in 2018 to help accelerate the strategic growth plan of the ATCORE Group.

“Mobile Generation2, the data and app expansion, has already been a revolution in the travel world; however, the revolution has not stopped, it has only just started – we are just now moving into Generation3 of this revolution with new changes, challenges and opportunities. This talk will cover the ‘what’s next’ for mobile, what Generation3 will bring, and what the impact and opportunities for Tour Operators will be.”

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