International aviation on trial:
The second European Aviation Symposium taking place January 28 & 29, 2020 in Munich features

leading experts, politicians and executives from the airline industry
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Since the successful first European Aviation Symposium (EAS) highlighted the urgent need to face these disruptive challenges, the second EAS will focus on finding solutions with a new, holistic and industry-wide perspective and in balance of political objectives so as to secure sustainable economic growth.
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The preliminary program is available here, which is updated constantly (Status January 6th, 2020).
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Day 1 – January 28, 2020
Aviation – Driver or be driven in future aero-political decisions in Europe?
Aviation – Driver or be driven in future aero-political decisions in Europe?
Aviation is targeted by an increasingly emotionalised public debate on climate change and in particular, European airlines increasingly have to face regulatory initiatives, which address short-term issues with negligible impact on climate change mitigation. The controversy between the aviation sector, which believes that it has addressed the need for sustainability, and those who feel that far more must be done, will be reflected in the format of a debate which pitches PRO against CON. Another main issue is the Airport Capacity, which remain aviation’s Achilles’ heel. Is the current management of air space and the airport capacity in Europe already an obstacle to growth? But digitalization of air traffic management will not be enough, if this only leads to aircraft circling above over-saturated airports more often. The panel will therefore also discuss the need for, and possible ramifications of reducing administrative burdens facing airport in need of further and improved airport infrastructure. These and more politically strategic topics will be controversially discussed at the first day.

The following speakers will focus these questions, give ideas and answers:

Jaan Albrecht
CEO, Saudi Arabian Airlines
Marcel Buelens
CEO Airports Antwerpen and Oostende-Brugge
Filip Cornelis
Director of Aviation DG Move, EU Commission
Arnaud Feist
CEO, Brussels Airport
Morgan Foulkes
ACI EUROPE Deputy Director General
Kenny Jacobs
CMO, Ryanair
Dr. Michael Kerkloh
Former CEO, Munich Airport
Peter Oncken
CEO, Intro Aviation
Disruptive developments in aviation distribution and commercial
Disruptive developments in aviation distribution and commercial
With increasing liberalization and advancing technologies, the possibilities and ways of distribution have changed drastically. The airlines have tried for decades to reduce dependency and costs related to GDS providers and market seats directly. However, advancing technologies also brought up new providers that fight to become big players of ticket distribution. It will be exciting to see who is going to have the actual control over airlines’ inventories and if giant distribution platforms as Amazon will replace airlines’ own distribution.

The following experts and managers are available to answer this and many other exciting questions:

Heike Birlenbach
SVP Sales, Lufthansa Group
Jörg Troester
Head of Corporate Services, Hahn Air Lines
Day 2 – January 29, 2020
New Mobility — curse or blessing for airlines and airports?
New Mobility — curse or blessing for airlines and airports?
"Does Europe Need a New Mobility?" The topic starts with this central question at the second day. A pros vs. cons debate addresses issues that are set to become increasingly important in the aviation and mobility industry in future, including; how will short-haul traffic change; are stricter regulations required to promote a shift from air to other modes of transport; and is business travel prepared for new mobility? Do we need more disruption? Top-level speakers, including representatives from United Airlines, Deutsche Bahn and Sixt, will discuss their respective mobility concepts and airport connections in a panel discussion on "Intermodal co-operations and partnerships". Challenges and opportunities in the travel and tourism industry will be highlighted, also with regards to the climate debate. We will close the New Mobility Block by addressing new opportunities, innovations and products. Future trends and developments are presented during a mini-pitch and rated by the audience in terms of practicability, sustainability and economic value.

All speakers of this topic block at a glance:

Ingo Schuch
Director Business Development Airline Solutions and Projects, ISO Software Systeme
Tourism: The challenges for airlines, destinations and the change of business models
Tourism: The challenges for airlines, destinations and the change of business models
Air Berlin, Monarch, Germania, Small Planet, XL Airways and many other important airlines in the leisure business have disappeared from the market. Low-cost carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Lufthansa-subsidiary Eurowings fill the gap. Does leisure flight have a future or are charter carriers a vestige of the past? What are the effects of digitalization, dynamic packaging and the changed requirements of tour operators? And how does the collapse of the Thomas Cook Group influence competition? On the afternoon of day 2 the event will focus on the leisure market. Oliver Wagner, CCO Eurowings, Marco Ciomperlik, COO Aviation TUI Group, and a high-level panel featuring Ryanair-CMO Kenny Jacobs and other experts provide an overview of current shifts in the market.

All speakers of this topic block at a glance:

Dawn Wilson
Managing Director, TUI Airways
Peter Glade
CCO, Sun Express
Kenny Jacobs
CMO, Ryanair
Stefanie Wasserfuhr
Director Sales & Distribution, Eurowings Aviation
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